Guernsey County Launches Community Survey Tool to Access Resident Concerns

Guernsey County, Ohio – Guernsey County has launched a new public survey platform
to help understand resident’s priorities and concerns about multiple issues and services.
The survey responses will provide county officials with an insight into citizen priorities
and then it can proactively work on the recommendations.

Approved by the Guernsey County Commissioners, the survey is asking residents to
rate their experience or thoughts about several issues including affordable housing,
EMS services, the county jail, public safety, transportation and more.
Area EMS services will be the top question in the first survey which should not take
more than five minutes to complete.

The county has created a partnership with Zencity, a community input survey firm that is
used by local governments across the U.S. to seek resident input on a variety of topics.
The surveys will appear on digital ads on various social media platforms and can be
completed on both mobile devices and personal computers. Residents can activate the
survey on the Zencity website at
Survey responses are anonymous and Zencity does not collect any personal

Once completed, the survey results will be made available to the public via the county’s
website, and will be shared with local media as well.
“Forward-thinking leaders like the Guernsey County Commissioners understand that
effective local government must leverage data on the needs and priorities of residents,”
said Eyal Feder-Levy, CEO of Zencity. “We are proud to provide a platform for counties
like Guernsey to reach more voices in the county and turn that input into action.”
While many residents are happy with life in Guernsey County, some of the early
responses also show concerns about availability of well-paying jobs, additional retail
outlets, community activities for both youth and adults, local taxes and more.