Guernsey County upgrades 9-1-1 call center to help speed emergency response


Cambridge, Ohio – Residents and visitors in Guernsey County are now protected

by a technologically advanced 9-1-1 system after the Guernsey County Sheriff’s

Office went live with Next Generation 9-1-1 call management software from

Carbyne.  Based in New York City, Carbyne is one of the largest rich-data

providers for emergency response centers in the country.


While the county’s old system was based on pre-internet, analog technology,

which limited 9-1-1 calls to two-way voice conversations only, the new Carbyne

APEX solution is a smartphone-friendly, cloud-native digital platform. That

means, with Carbyne, the 9-1-1 call center can automatically send the caller a link

that, with the caller’s permission, will allow the dispatcher to actually see what

the caller’s smartphone camera is “seeing” in real time, providing more accurate

location information and other essential data.


Kenny Mathews, director of IT for Guernsey County, said, “The biggest hesitation

that I see, moving forward, is everyone is afraid of the cloud. But with Carbyne,

the engineering behind this solution is so robust, we can have failures on multiple

comms lines and still have multiple paths to the Internet.”


“Our new Carbyne system is performing flawlessly,” Mathews added.


“We’re just a small-sized 9-1-1 office, with two dispatchers on at all times,” said

Guernsey County Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden. “We thought there was no way we

were going to be able to adopt NG911 anytime soon. But I’m happy to say we’re

one of the first counties in Ohio to have it, or maybe the first. I would like to see

all counties have this system.”


According to Dave Wilson, President of the Guernsey County Commissioners, “It’s

going to lead to better services and greater safety for the citizens of Guernsey