Guernsey County Board of DD

About Us

Our Mission

ENSURE quality services that
ENHANCE the lives of individuals through EFFECTIVE use of available resources.

Our Vision

People with developmental disabilities will lead self directed lives in their communities.
The Board will be a benchmark by which other programs measure themselves.

Our Values


Success in our Boards ever-changing, competitive environment
demands flexibility, quick moving, willingness to change, and rapid response in order to meet the needs of our customers. Customer Driven Excellence: Customer-driven excellence has both current and future components: understanding today’s customer desires and anticipating future customer desires as a strategic concept. It is directed toward customer retention, loyalty, and growth. It demands constant sensitivity to changing and emerging customer and regulatory requirements and to the factors that promote customer engagement. It demands close attention to the voice of the customer.

Social Responsibility:

Our responsibility as a County Board is to serve our customers in an Ethical and Responsible manner. Actions should be transparent to the public. The Board should not only meet all local, state, and federal laws and regulatory requirements, but they should treat these and related requirements as opportunities for improvement “beyond mere compliance” striving for “best practices”. Leadership as a role-model Board also entails influencing other organizations, private and public, to partner for these purposes. Managing societal responsibilities requires the Board to use appropriate measures and leaders to assume responsibility for those measures.

Focus on Results and Creating Value:

The Board will make decisions using data that is based on fact. Analysis supports a variety of purposes, such as planning, reviewing your overall performance, improving operations, accomplishing change management, and comparing your performance with best practice benchmarks. A major consideration in performance improvement and change management involves the selection and use of performance measures or indicators, which need to support decision making in a rapidly changing environment.

Visionary Leadership:

Effective leaders must be goal orientated, inspiring, honest, and trustworthy, while leading by example. Leaders create an environment that encourages innovation and embraces changes. The governance body should be responsible ultimately to all stakeholders for the ethics, actions, and performance of the Board and its senior leaders. As role models, leaders can reinforce ethics, values, and expectations while building leadership and commitment to a team concept.

Focus on the Future:

Our performance measure will be based on our commitment to continuous improvement. We will aspire to anticipate the ever-changing needs of our customers to be an effective Board. We will be driven by opportunities to effect significant, meaningful change through innovation. Focus on the future includes developing our leaders, workforce, partners, and customers. Valuing Workforce Members and Partners: Valuing the people in the workforce means committing to their engagement, satisfaction, development, and well-being. Additionally, the successful Board capitalizes on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity, and motivation of its workforce and partners. Successful internal and external partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect.

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