Judge David B. Bennett

Juvenile Probation

The Guernsey County Juvenile Court Probation Department (located on the ground off of the Guernsey County Common Pleas Courthouse) is responsible for performing many duties beyond supervision of juveniles on Probation. The Probation Staff is involved in facilitating and participating in many programs to encourage growth and support to the juveniles they are involved with. The School Engagement Coordinator and Elementary School Truancy Officer along with the probation Officers are involved in the schools to not only check on students already under supervision but to attempt to intervene with families to prevent Court involvement if possible. The Probation Department can provide referrals to treatment service providers, out of home placements,(secure, non-secure, relative, drug/alcohol treatment centers, 13 day shelter care, foster care, group home, residential center, detention, Ohio Department of Youth Services, and Oakview Juvenile Residential), Creative Options Programs, Strengthening Families and Loving Solutions and Parent Project parenting programs. The Probation Department also arranges and supervises restitution and community service work for juveniles involved with the Court. The Probation Department makes themselves available for presentations to the schools and community concerning Juvenile Court and probation. They also address issues of cyber bullying and continually make themselves available to the juveniles they supervise to assist them with appropriate decision making. When necessary the Probation Department administers drug screens to juveniles on Probation and monitor juveniles on Electronic Monitoring House Arrest. Their everyday duties also include attending court hearings, completing risk assessments, school, home, community , and school visits, attending trainings, informal hearings and tobacco violation hearings, and advocating for the juveniles they are involved with as appropriate to help ensure their success and well-being.

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Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Division
Juvenile Court
Guernsey County Common Pleas Courthouse
801 East Wheeling Ave.
Suite 101-D (Second Floor)
Cambridge, OH 43725
Phone: (740) 432-9266

Juvenile Probation Department
Bottom Floor in Common Pleas Courthouse
Phone: (740) 432-9229

Probate Division
Probate Court
Guernsey County Common Pleas Courthouse
801 East Wheeling Ave.
 Suite 203-D (Second Floor)
Cambridge, OH 43725
Phone: (740) 432-9262

Juvenile Probation Division Staff

Travis Stevens –Chief Probation Officer
(East Guernsey Local School District, Rolling Hills Local School District, and others as necessary)
Josh Snyder – Probation Officer
(Cambridge City Schools)
Kayla Higgins – Probation Officer
(gender specific)
Noah Burris – Probation Officer (Drug Offences/Status Offences)
Tiffiany Lowry- Probation Clerk
Ashley Tyo- School Engagement Coordinator
(Rolling Hills, East Guernsey, and Mid-East Career and Technology, Buffalo)
John Davis- Elementary School Truancy Prevention Officer
Kathy Hibler-Grants Administrator
Brenda Mourer-Grants Administrator
Kim Charlton-Multi-System Youth Coordinator