Flood issues near Kimbolton discussed at a Guernsey County meeting


CAMBRIDGE, OHIO – Conducted by the Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency, several local and state employees, residents and business workers, met on Wednesday to discuss problems about flooding in the Kimbolton area.

The meeting was held to address the concerns of residents and Emergency Responders for an in and around Kimbolton. Some of the areas discussed were near Bird’s Run, near Plainfield Road, Bridge Road, Keans Road and State Route 541 and numerous other township roads.

For many years, the area has been hit with frequent floodings on the roads, leaving residents unable to travel and prohibiting first responders to access the area in the event of an emergency. It even impacts utility companies to repair lost service.

Members of the Muskingum Watershed District, ODOT, EMA and FEMA will gather to investigate the availability of grant money to help with solving the issues, such as raising some roads that are impacted the worst by flooding.