Implementing Guernsey County’s improved 911 Service is well underway

Guernsey County Commissioners Dave Wilson, Dave Saft and Skip Gardner attended the latest planning session for Guernsey County’s new 911 Call Center.  Also in attendance at Thursday’s (Jan. 25) 911 Planning Committee meeting were Sheriff Jeff Paden, Capt. Jeremy Wilkinson, Lt. Curtis Braniger, Sgt. Dustin Best, Sgt. Dale Resor, Jeff Hannon, Debbie Beros, Tina Archer and Chris Galbreath from the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office; Chief Mark DeLancey and Capt. Mark Baker from the Cambridge Police Department; Cambridge Safety Director Rocky Hill; Guernsey County EMA Director Gerry Beckner; Ben Bonnell from United Ambulance; Tim Johnson from the Cambridge and Liberty Fire Departments; and Guernsey County IT Director Kenny Mathews.  The new call center is a direct result of overwhelming voter support of last November’s 911 Levy.  The resulting improvements and an expanded and trained staff of Emergency Medical Dispatchers will allow cellular 911 calls to continue to be answered locally and will result in greatly enhanced services for the citizens of Guernsey County.