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Electronic Filing is now offered.  CLICK HERE TO EFILE

eFiling allows an attorney or an authorized user with a valid account to file pleadings against an existing case or to file a new case over the internet. If the filing requires a deposit the user will be required to submit payment at the time of filing. Once the filing is submitted to the Clerk of Courts, a Clerk will review the filing and either accept or reject the filing. The filer will receive an email indicating the decision by the Clerk.

If you have any questions regarding E-Filing, please contact Krissy Swank at 740-432-9233 or Jennifer Johnson at 740-432-9232.


Common Questions and Answers

Initiating a New Case

Subsequent Filings

Instructional Video

Attorney Registration

Pro Se Filer Registration

Depositions and Transcripts MUST be filed in person or mailed to the Clerk of Courts –  ONLY the Notice may be eFiled.

eFiling Documents UNDER SEAL:  The Motion to File Document under Seal should be selected and uploaded.  The Proposed Entry should be uploaded AND the documents you are requesting to be filed under Seal should be behind the Proposed Entry.  The Clerk will print and SEAL in an Envelope and send to Court with Motion and Proposed Entry.  Once the Court approves the Motion and signs the Order, the documents will be filed “under seal”.