How do I file for a Protection Order for my situation?

The court uses The Haven of Hope as its advocate. Please contact the Haven of Hope at (740) 439-7233 they are located at: 927 Wheeling Avenue, Cambridge, Ohio 43725. They will help you complete your paper work

Additional Information:

A liaison will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork. After the paperwork has been completed, you will be taken to the courtroom and an ex-parte hearing will be held (in which only you are present). If the Judge finds reasonable cause, he/she will issue a temporary order commanding the respondent (person you are getting the order against) to maintain a certain distance from you, vacate any shared residence, or to take, or not take, certain actions as deemed applicable.

A copy of the order will be delivered to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s office who will attempt to serve a copy of the order to the respondent. The order is not in effect until it has been served.

A full, or final hearing will be scheduled for 7 to 10 days after the petition is field. The temporary order will remain in effect until this hearing. At the final hearing, the Judge or Magistrate will decide whether to put a full order into effect and for how long.

The entire process can take a few hours. If you arrive after 3:00 PM, your request may not be processed until the next day due the time it takes to fill out the forms, speak to a judge, and have the sheriff’s issue the order.