License Plate fees to increase in 2024

At the request of Guernsey County Engineer Paul Sherry, the Guernsey County Commissioners, by a two to one vote, have approved a pair of resolutions, each adding five dollars to the county’s motor vehicle license tax, for a total of $10 per license plate as allowed by the Ohio revised code.
The vote followed two (2) public hearings that were held on June 6 at 4 PM and June 15 at 7 PM at the Administration Building in Cambridge.
According to the Commissioners, the additional funds are needed to help finance the maintenance and repair of county roads as well as maintaining and repairing the county’s bridges. The Guernsey County Engineer is responsible for 425 miles of roadway and 315 bridges.
The additional $10 license fee will provide additional funding of $470,000 a year. According to both Sherry and the Commissioners, a portion of $470,000 will assist with dust control on county roads. Funds will start collections in 2024 and be available in
2025. Their primary use is to leverage grant funds as match money. Townships, Cities
and Municipalities will receive a portion of the funding based on the number of vehicle
This $10 license fee will take effect on January 1, 2024.