Criminal Division

Guernsey County
Common Pleas Court

Guernsey County Courthouse 801 Wheeling Ave. Cambridge, Ohio 43725
Phone: (740) 432-9352


Judge Daniel G. Padden

Criminal Division

The Judge hears felony criminal cases which include any offense where the possible penalty is over one (1) year in prison and a $1,000.00 Fine. Drug cases, arson, burglary, breaking and entering, theft, fraud, robbery and murder are just a few crimes that fall under this category.

These cases are tried before a jury of 12 individuals from Guernsey County or by the Judge, if a jury is waived, unless the case is resolved by a plea of guilty after all the facts have been exchanged. If a person is found guilty, the determination of sentencing is the responsibility of the Judge alone.


Court Administrator/
Assignment Commissioner

Phone: (740) 432-9352
Fax: (740) 432-9289

Jury Commissioner
Phone: (740) 432-9283
Phone: (740) 432-9326

Probation Department
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