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Assistant Prosecutor

Criminal/Juvenile Division

The most publicly recognizable of my duties, I  prosecute, on behalf of the State of Ohio, all adult felony cases occurring within Guernsey County.

Adult felony cases are prosecuted in the Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas.

The Criminal Division of the Guernsey County Prosecutor’s Office handles hundreds of criminal and juvenile cases every year.

In Ohio, there are five degrees of felonies in addition to aggravated murder and murder. The levels of non-murder felony offenses range from a felony of the fifth degree, which is the least serious felony charge, to a felony of the first degree, which is the most serious felony charge.

Additionally, my office is responsible for handling all juvenile offenders in Guernsey County, which includes prosecuting both felony and misdemeanor offenses committed by children under the age of 18. These cases are protected through the juvenile division of the probate court.

In Ohio, juvenile offenders are categorized as being “unruly”, “delinquent”, or “juvenile traffic offenders.” The term “unruly” refers to children who commit offenses that do not apply to adults, such as being truant from school. The term “delinquent” refers to a child who violates the law in a way that would be a crime if committed by an adult. A “juvenile traffic offender” is a child who violates a traffic law or regulation.

Both criminal and juvenile cases are generally resolved through either a negotiated plea agreement or a trial. In Ohio any person convicted by trial has an automatic right to appeal.

The Appellate Division of the Guernsey County Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for preparing and arguing all appeals of the criminal and civil cases in which Guernsey County is party. The assistant prosecutors of this division extensively research and prepare written briefs on a wide variety of topics and ultimately argue these issues before the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

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