Invitation to Bid

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As I said in my previous response, our best efforts will be to answer all questions prior to the deadline on the 19th. Since the bid packet specifies that the questions asked “before 9/14”, it will be up to the commissioners, if those asked & answered after today are posted publicly.

Again, thank you for your interest.


just to be SURE, and since the rfq specifically states ‘questions asked before 9/14’, you are stating that questions asked next week would still be answered asap.  and, do those answers and questions get shared with all, as well?


In answer to your email from yesterday, the schedule of benefits were not included in the packet, as the bids currently are for the consulting piece only. The verbiage regarding that information being included in the packet, was an error on the part of the preparer of the document. As I understand it, they were using a guide that had that verbiage included, and had missed removing it. Our apologies for the confusion on that issue.

Any other questions you or other interested parties may have over the next few days, will certainly be answered as quickly as possible.

I hope this information is all helpful to you. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest.


first, as noted, “questions are to be submitted in writing/email.  and, responses for questions received before 9/14 will be shared with all invited to submit proposals”.  does that mean questions submitted 9/14, or later, will be answered timely (before the 9/19 deadline) and if so, would the answer not be shared with all?

and, second, the rfq indicates that plan information (limits, and deductible/retention) are attached.  we do not see this information via the link.  could you advise where we can see these details?


My understanding is that #3 is referring to discounts from health care providers and #4 is premiums from insurers, administrative vendors and other vendors for the health care plan.

Hope that answers your question.

Thank you,



I am looking for some clarification on question number 4 on the ‘Request for Qualifications Questionnaire’

Are we talking about discounted rates on the employer plan, i.e. reduced renewal increases for the plans or are we talking about discounted rates at providers for enrollees’ services. I am assuming it is the first but I want to confirm.


The current brokerage firm is paid a set fee each month.


Is your current consultant paid via fee, per head compensation, percentage of stop-loss, or traditional commission by the carriers?

From the looks of the RFQ it looks as if the County would like to move to strictly a fee based commission structure.