Large Scale Emergency Plan Meeting

"EMA Director Gerry Beckner (on right) leads
discussion on Guernsey County's emergency communications resources."

Guernsey County Commissioners Skip Gardner, Dave Saft and Dave Wilson were among the
participants in a Wednesday (Jan. 17th) meeting to review and update our county’s
plan for the coordination of communication resources in the event of a large-scale
emergency. The meeting was held by the Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency
(EMA) in the county’s Emergency Operations Center and conducted by Gerry Beckner,
EMA Director. Other attendees included Jeff Tucker, representing the county’s
Volunteer Fire Departments; Sheriff Jeff Paden, Sgt. Dustin Best; Sgt. Dale Resor
and Jeff Hannon from the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office; Randy Dunn and Jeff Hayes
from Southeastern Med; Ben Bonnell from United Ambulance; and Jane Yoder, EMA
Administrative Assistant.